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Patient Testimonials

Since beginning to see Dr. Lerner in March of 1999, I have gone from barely being able to get out of bed back to leading a very productive life. I was fortunate that I began seeing Dr. Lerner very early in my struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He quickly began treating me with an anti-viral medication. While it has been a slow, steady process to get where I am today, I began to see improvement in my health in approximately 2-3 months. Currently, I am able to do limited exercise 2-3 times a week and require a normal amount of sleep to feel rested. I am truly grateful for Dr. Lerner’s passion for conquering this disease and feel blessed to be one of his patients.

Karen Garman Anderson
May 1, 2007

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My wonderful Dr. Lerner and I go way back to 1993. When I first saw Dr. Lerner I was so ill, staying awake was a big chore for me. I would sleep for 19 hours at a time. I would take a shower but be too exhausted to blow my hair dry. I was newly married, worked full time, and was raising teenagers.

My family Doctor couldn’t figure out what if anything was the matter with me. My brother was having some of the same issues and was seeing Dr. Lerner. From the first time I saw Dr. Lerner I knew I would eventually be all right.

Dr. Lerner is so far ahead of everyone with his dedicated research. I put my faith and my life in his hands. Having CFS for so long is a day by day learning experience. Dr Lerner has given me the tools and his expertise knowledge to manage my illness. Dr. Lerner saved my life and continues to keep me healthy. Words can never express how thankful I am.

- With so much appreciation,
Janell Duritsa

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I first met Dr. Lerner out of desperation. My Chronic fatigue was so debilitating that I had no quality of life. After taking a shower I would have to go back to bed. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without stopping from exhaustion. I initially went to see him with a friend who was also suffering from CF. Unfortunately, my friend was looking for the quick fix and went to a clinic in New Mexico that specializes in vitamins and chelation therapy. He still to this day suffers from CF. I stayed the course, followed Dr. Lerner’s orders, meds and lived a life style of focusing on healing and recovery. Today I am CF free! Dr. Lerner gave me back my life.

-Thank you Dr. Lerner,
Marcia McMahon

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I had a dramatic illness in 1979. Every lymph node enlarged, my muscles ached, my sense of smell disappeared and I was profoundly fatigued. The diagnosis was an unspecified virus. My recovery was incomplete, all of the symptoms persisted at a lesser level. I functioned only through increased sleep and careful exercise. In 1991 all of my symptoms returned when I became a new mother. I couldn’t sleep, I had tremendous muscle pain, my heart had constant palpitations and I was utterly exhausted. Fibromyalgia was diagnosed in 1993 but none of the treatments or physical therapy helped.

I read about Dr. Lerner’s work with chronic fatigue syndrome patients in a local health magazine. The article described my condition exactly. I knew at my first appointment that he completely understood my illness. When his tests confirmed my very elevated Epstein-Barr Virus level and abnormal heart function (inverse T-waves), I began my treatment with Valtrex, other supporting medications and vitamins. My symptoms have lessened so I can consistently perform my daily activities. My EBV level has decreased significantly and my inverse T-waves are gone. I look forward to continued improvement of my fatigue and muscle pain.

Dr. Lerner has been steadfast in his efforts to study and resolve CFS. I appreciated his work as a dedicated research scientist who is determined to improve the health of those afflicted with CFS.

- Sharon

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In 30 years as an educator, psychologist and artist, I’m very thoughtful before calling any person “fine”… in art, Rembrandt, DaVinci, and Picasso, for example.

I consider Dr. A. Martin Lerner, M.D. to be both a fine physician and a fine person.

He is an intuitive diagnostician... he found cancer in my brother-in-law, which his own doctor had missed. Dr. Lerner both compassionately listens to my symptoms, then scientifically focuses on solutions. I no longer experience the frightening pain and weakness in my muscles nor the flu-like symptoms and accompanying fatigue.

His standards of excellence are well recognized by fellow physicians. I once went to the emergency room with symptoms of vertigo and the attending physician said, “You are Dr. Lerner’s patient? Then we are going to run every diagnostic test. He would expect that.”

Dr. Lerner is a pioneer researcher of viral factors relating to chronic fatigue. His positive results with patient are now being replicated at Stanford University. I want a doctor who sees the big picture working for my good.

Both kind and meticulous, he practices his science artfully. Dr. A. Martin Lerner is, indeed, “fine.”

- Dr. Carey OKopny
Farmington Hills, MI

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When I began the diagnostic process with Dr. Lerner for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was getting up daily at 6:00 a.m., napping from 9:00 to 11:00, again from 1:00 to 3:00, and going to bed at 9:00 p.m. The two-mile daily walk I’d been doing in 20 minutes for two years, now took 30 minutes to complete. I could not grocery shop, vacuum, mop floors, run up and down the stairs, do yard work, stand during church or afterward while chatting without feeling almost constant nausea from fatigue. My head felt too heavy to hold up and I felt like I had no adrenalin in my body. I could not hurry no matter what the circumstance. When I began trailing behind my family as we walked together, instead of leading with purpose and energy, we all knew something was very wrong with me. My thinking was very muddled and unclear. I could not read and comprehend after midday. All the physical and mental activities I had derived so much pleasure from now required far too much effort to be enjoyable.

Within a few weeks after beginning treatment with Dr. Lerner, my thinking began to clear and since then I have made fairly consistent movement toward healing. When my progress has been retarded, it has been because I did not do what Dr. Lerner told me to. I had enormous reserves of energy before and it was difficult for me to accept my limitations and treat my body kindly as it healed. I now only require 6 to 7 hours of sleep nightly and no longer nap. Except for not being able to sustain an exercise program yet, all the other activities that caused me fatigue in the past no longer do. Because Dr. Lerner’s treatment of CFS was so different from what other doctors did, I was hopeful but skeptical when I began treatment with him. At the risk of being irreverent, I’ll repeat what I told my friends when I first became Dr. Lerner’s patient – “this guy is either a genius or a quack and only time will tell.” Time has proved out that Dr. Lerner is a genius and I am deeply grateful to have benefited from his gifts and abilities.

- Renee Stocks

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Unfortunately, my medical story is all too common. “Mysterious” symptoms, undiagnosed for long periods of time. Or worse, “diagnosed” as depression, stress and many other labels given when a condition is seemingly difficult to understand.

This was my situation, starting at age 41 and lasting until age 57, when I heard about and met with Dr. Lerner. That day, the direction of my life began to change from hopelessness to hope; from resignation to the possibility of gaining back some measure of health.

There really are no adequate words to describe working with a physician such as Dr. Martin Lerner. His expertise alone would be enough to discuss at length, but it does not end there. His personal concern and care for me, as his patient, adds so very much to the experience of being treated, seeing and feeling results, and looking forward to a lifestyle previously thought to be completely unavailable to someone with my medical issues.

It has been almost a year since starting treatment for, in my case, Lyme Disease. The improvements are astounding. There is more work to be done, but I know I am on the right track now. For that, I am truly grateful.

- C.A. Wilmore
Lansing, MI

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In 1997 I began noticing consistent fatigue, chest pain and pressure, sore throats, joint pain and stiffness and muscle aches. I was referred to Dr. Lerner by another physician who knew of his work, and was diagnosed with EBV and CMV Chronic Fatigue.

After treatment with antivirals and rest, I have greatly improved. From Feeling sick and useless and at times depressed, I am now living a normal life – working part time, socializing, involved at church, and keeping up my home. I can’t imagine what my life would be like had I not been under Dr. Lerner’s care. My health is dramatically improved!

- Name Withheld

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I was not myself and no one could help me. I was very tired all the time, depressed and had to quit my job. I just could not navigate any longer. I left my husband of 38 years; my whole life was upside down. I went to see many, many doctors with no success. I actually had questioned if it was just me or if I was losing my mind. I could not understand what was happening. One doctor finally diagnosed me as having EBV. He also admitted he did not know how to treat this virus. As I was trying to find a doctor, I was advised to go to Muskegon, MI. After a year and a half I wasn’t getting any better. This led me to start researching. I found an article (one of several) published by Dr. A. Martin Lerner on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was very impressed. I called for an appointment thinking it would be a while to get in to see him. My surprise, one week!!! He is very passionate and concerned about his patients and wanted to help as soon as he could.

When I started to visit him as a patient, my energy index point score was 3.5 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Since I have been seeing Dr. Lerner on a study base my energy index point score is now a 7 and I am feeling so much better. I have complete confidence Dr. Lerner will help me reach that number 10. I travel for 5 hours, one way: each visit to see him and it is worth every minute of my time. I have sent other people to see him, with complete satisfaction, and will continue to advise anyone with problems to see him for help. Don’t give up hope without first seeing Dr. Lerner. Then have patience, like I was often told, and you will be on the road to recovery.

- Thank you Dr. Lerner,
Mary A. Wirgau

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Dear Dr. Lerner,

I wanted to extend many thanks for all of your hard work and studies into the medical topic CFS. Anyone meeting you for the first time can recognize the devotion you have towards your job and your desire into improving lives.

My long time gynecologist passed your name and number to me when I expressed my medical concerns to him (which became severe after giving birth to my child). I’m grateful to have had such a recommendation.

I then started under your care with many, many visits to ensure you were monitoring everything and with such efforts gained much success. It was apparent that I did have something wrong yet you were the only doctor to prove this since this medical ailment is not highly recognized.

Now years have passed and my health has been improved. Thank you for doing such a great job, ensuring you were getting the results you knew that were possible and for making me be as physically sound as possible.

Keep up the great work since so many others can benefit form your efforts.


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Dr. Lerner is a very special doctor who has dedicated himself to the treatment and cure of CFS. I was very fortunate to be part of a blind study conducted by Dr. Lerner though Wm. Beaumont Hospital.  For years I had suffered with chronic pain and exhaustion. I had seen several doctors and all of them had performed lab tests to tell me that everything is normal. And because these doctors couldn’t find a cause for my illness some of their conclusions were “it’s all in your head”, “you will just have to live with this condition, you will not get any better” or “you are depressed and need a man in your life”.

Well, I am better. Dr. Lerner ran extensive tests and found the EBV. Finally there is a diagnosis and a treatment for my illness. I had found out long after the study that I was being treated with the antiviral medication. My life has been given back to me because of Dr. Lerner and his hard work. There is no more pain! My energy level is almost back to normal. I can participate in social functions and enjoy myself once again.

I will be forever grateful to this kind and extraordinary physician.

Sincerely yours,
Debbie Abner

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First I want to thank Dr. Lerner and his staff for giving me the attention, uplifting attitude and gentle smiles when I thought all was lost.  Before finding Dr. Lerner, I had traveled all over northern and central Kentucky trying to find a doctor that could tell me what was going wrong with my entire body.  My symptoms were so scary that I thought I was going to die.  I made out my funeral arrangements on paper and had a friend to take my suit that I would be buried in to the cleaners.  This way all was planned so that my death would be easier on my family. I was single at 36 years of age.  I had come down with mononucleosis, which had gone undetected for approximately 6 months.  I was always high energy and when I began complaining to my doctor, it was shrugged off as my age and my stressful career.  After taking off work for three weeks, I tried to return, with symptoms from feeling light headed/dizzy, vomiting several times a day, memory problems, body aches and pains in my joints and muscles (which was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia), and yet the worst, needing to sleep at least 20 hours per day!!!  I was hospitalized a couple of times with no diagnosis.  Finally, after seeing several specialists, my family physician puzzled together the diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue”. The doctors told me that I would never be able to work again and the best they could do for me was to start me on medication for depression. This was on a Tuesday in January of 2000.  On Wednesday a friend of mine called.  She was having her hair cut and told her hairstylist about my diagnosis.  The hairstylist wheeled her around and said, “Do I have a doctor for her!”  The hairstylist’s husband had been diagnosed with “Chronic Fatigue” and had to go on disability.  Nine months after seeing Dr. Lerner, he was able to go back work. I called Dr. Lerner’s office and they had a cancellation on that Friday.  I was in Dr. Lerner’s office in January of 2000.  I later stayed six weeks in Detroit while taking medication intravenously, twice a day.  After three weeks, I was able to sit up in bed.  At the end of the six weeks, I finally could sit up for a while, sometimes making it to the breakfast table. I went back to work in August of 2001.  It was a long time recuperating.  Upon returning back to work, I would come home at the end of the day and go to bed. For most of the first year back to work, my parents would come by and do my laundry and fix food that just needed to be in the microwave.  On December 2, 2003, I adopted my 10 month old daughter from China (she is now 4 years old!). Now in the Spring of 2007, I still need to rest about 9 hours per night.  When I start feeling that “sick tired/heaviness in my chest”, I immediately shut down for a long weekend.  I have to take care of myself and not push my energy.  But I feel great to be back to what is some people’s normal energy level.  I work from 8:00-5:00 everyday and do activities with my daughter.  I am currently dating someone that is very special in my life. I truly feel that if I had not listened to Dr. Lerner and follow his directives, I would not be alive today. Through his care and the care of the great staff, I feel that I am living a typical everyday life!

Sincerely yours,
Angie Jent

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Dear Dr. Lerner,

I can hardly find the words to describe how grateful I am to you. You have devoted your life’s work to healing in the true sense of the word and I have benefited enormously from that work.

My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome story is all too familiar. After years of symptoms and healthcare professionals telling me that they could find nothing wrong, I was desperate to get well. My daughter was getting married, my son was graduating college, I was losing my job, I had to stop all volunteer work, and my health continued to deteriorate.

By the grace of God and some luck, I found your practice. Your staff was so kind and considerate and after my 1st appointment I knew I was “in the right place”. Your approach is to treat the disease not just the symptoms. Throughout my treatment you have carefully monitored my progress and predicated with accuracy my recovery. I am very near to returning to a normal life.
Thank you doctor!

Gratefully yours,

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When I first went to see Dr. Lerner I had a number of upsetting and disabling symptoms. I was exhausted all the time and I could hardly concentrate well enough to read and retain a paragraph. This made it almost impossible for me to do my job as a lawyer.

The first relieving part of Dr. Lerner’s treatment was that he was open to what I was saying about my own conditions. For example, he did not see my mild depression as a cause of my other symptoms but instead understood that it was a consequence of them. The first doctor I had talked to, though kind and smart, simply didn’t have Dr. Lerner’s level of respect and insight.

After four years under Dr. Lerner’s care, I am pretty much fully recovered.  Probably I will always have slightly less robust immune function then I would have had if I hadn’t gotten sick—but even that last vestige of the illness seems to diminish over time.  My activities are not restricted. I can travel, exercise, and work. I need only a normal adult amount of sleep, as opposed to 10 or 11 hours. I feel like myself again. I’m certain I owe my recovery to Dr. Lerner and his staff.

Name Withheld

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A life without hope is a life not worth living… fortunately, I have been blesses with hope, a reason to go forward and enjoy life again. Through God’s grace I was led to Dr. Lerner and he gave me the answer that I so longed to hear: “I can and will help you, there are answers to your pain.” Tears, joy and hope.

Now that chronic fatigue has been declared a disease I hope that medical community will look into Dr. Lerner’s research and understanding of the roots cause of CFS. I truly believe that he is right in his reasoning and treatment of this disease.

Thank you Dr. Lerner for your caring, knowledge and dedication in helping me.

Jacqelyn Rynbrandt

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I knew that at 51 years old I should have more energy and not be required to take a nap each day to keep going.  Everyone in my life, family, friends, colleagues and even doctors told me to slow down and get more rest. I followed their advice and still I could hardly make it through the day.

When I met Dr. Lerner I felt so relieved because I knew instantly I as going to find a solution to my problem and that he would help me to understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Dr. Lerner began by asking me important questions about my life and listened to me describe how I was trying to function on a daily basis.  He performed many quality tests to ensure we understood all my symptoms and get a good feel for what was wrong. Dr. Lerner began my treatment and almost immediately I started to feel stronger. I began to get my energy level back and could enjoy the activities that I had long since given up.  For that, I can t thank him enough.  I am grateful for Dr. Lerner’s staff that takes good care of me and for his dedication and his caring manner because he has returned my life to me.

Thank you Dr. Lerner,
Carol Visconti

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I was first diagnosed with CFS in 1995 following a bout of infectious mononucleosis and was 34 at that time. I was in grad school, a single working mom and was barely able to perform the normal routine roles and responsibilities of a parent, OT, etc. I was severely depressed and afraid.

I had heard of Dr. Lerner from a friend and decided to visit his office. I believe my first visit was in 1995-1996. I had dropped out of graduate school. My parents assumed the major responsibility of parenting my young daughter so that I could work. My co-workers helped me to work by allowing me to take naps in my office in between groups. My life was a wreck because of CFS.

After receiving treatment from Dr. Lerner, my CFS symptoms went into remission. I graduated from graduate school in 1998.I was able to find gainful employment in another healthcare facility. I was able to resume full parenting responsibilities. More importantly, I am able to lead a fulfilling life, symptom free.

Today I celebrate living to the fullest! My daughter is graduating from high school in a few days. I’m traveling to Ghana W. Africa for the first time. I joined a water aerobics class at the YMCA, and exercise 2-3 times a week. I am grateful for the care that I continue to receive from Dr. Lerner and his staff. They are professional and compassionate. What I appreciate the most is that Dr. Lerner is a premier practitioner when it comes to treatment of CFS. He is empathetic and very thorough and uses the most advanced approach in the treatment of CFS. This includes a “listening ear” medical tests, lab work, medications, etc.

Thanks to Dr. Lerner, I know that CFS is a treatable condition and with proper treatment my symptoms are in remission.

Cassandra D. Webb

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